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Tubelicious Traffic Trap ~ Tips On Capturing YouTube Traffic
Video marketing is one of the hottest marketing techniques among internet marketers and is super effective. YouTube is the "king" in terms of places to go for people to watch videos on subjects they are interested in. People spend hours on end watching videos on-line, so if you haven't implemented video marketing into your marketing arsenal then I highly suggest you start. The one big problem you [...]
MLM Business – Are You A “New Kid On The Block?”
An MLM Business was your choice, huh? Congrats to you! So, you have decided to explore the wonderful world of network marketing and are a new kid on the block :) Well, congrats on being of the right mindsetĀ and understanding the value of our industry! MLM Business works but you must work it! Now, you are probably asking the question, "so where do I go from here?" Well, I know how you feelĀ because [...]
Jonathan Budd ~ The Real Deal or Hype?
Is Jonathan Budd all hype or is he the real deal? If you are marketing online will will see his face and name all over the internet. The question that remains is, can he actually show you how to market your MLM online or is he just another phony looking to get your money? Several years ago I jumped online to build my network marketing business. It seemed that on every page click all I found were [...]
Is Daegan Smith A Scam?
So, your searching on the internet for some help to build your MLM and along comes this guy who says he "never calls a single lead". If that wasn't enough he flashes you a bunch of checks and wears a funny shirt with a catchy line stating "I'm Retired, Don't Ask Me to Do a Damn Thing". Is this guy the real deal or just an internet fraud? Several years back,I remember what it was like coming online [...]
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